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Spelling It Like It Is

Spelling It Like It Is - Tori Spelling 1.5 stars

First of all I acknowledge how ridiculous I feel for even venturing into the task of reading this. But I did occasionally watch Tori & Dean while it was on TV and subsequently read the other books so why not? It was quick and my brain did not need to think much during it, call it a brain vacation. However, while there were aspects that reminded me of the Tori I have come to know--funny, quirky, neurotic etc., there was also far too much pretentiousness showing up in this one. I for one do not understand why her children will "die" without a pool, especially in the weather of California. Plus her repeated comments about mentioning this or that in hopes of gaining something from it (like a free vacation) was petty, although I acknowledge it is a pretty common trait in people. I also was a bit taken aback by her comments on a few other stars--it came off quite bitter.

Overall there were moments of humor and moments that were reminiscent of the show, but there were far too many pretentious or crude moments for me not to have to roll my eyes and find the book a bit tedious. (But her nasty pregnancy with Finn further solidified my lack of desire to reproduce. OUCH.) Also, who says sobriquet? That doesn't sound natural or like what Tori would say but what do I know? All I know is that some chapters felt written by someone else, perhaps they were.