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Chasing Shadows - Swati Avasthi 3.5 stars

The first 100 pages of Chasing Shadows were great, I really thought I was on my way to a five star read. The beginning involves such raw emotion and characters which came bursting off the pages that I couldn't help but love it, despite the sadness involved. Unfortunately I felt the last two-thirds of the novel was a bit dulled, especially compared to the beginning emotional turmoil. The rest of the book also suffered, in my opinion, from more POVs from Holly rather than Savitri. Holly is clearly suffering the loss of her twin, but it is not entirely clear if it is a mental illness or a fantasy element thrown in by the author (it becomes clear eventually but not until farther into the story than I would have liked). I think this ruined the dynamic of the book a bit for me, especially after the raw emotion largely shown by Savitri in the beginning. Savitri was the reliable narrator and the one I enjoyed listening to the most and she was overpowered by Holly in the last half, which caused my rating to suffer.

I was not sure how I would feel about the use of incorporating a novel and graphic novel, but I think it worked well. I thought it especially conveyed Holly's emotional burden in the beginning but it quickly spiraled along with Holly's sanity.

Overall I enjoyed Chasing Shadows but I was let down by the last half or so of the novel. I think perhaps the raw emotion of the first third could have been placed further into the novel allowing for a more even read.