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Shooting Scars - Karina Halle 1.5 stars

I think I may have enjoyed Shooting Scars a tad more (not a lot people, just a TAD) if I hadn't read On Every Street. Halle gave us an increasingly psychopathic Camden (and oh boy, we get to be inside his head too! Ugh.), an increasingly incompetent, idiotic Ellie and Javier. Unfortunately I have nothing negative to say about Javier because I learned everything I needed to know about him in On Every Street. I couldn't stand the guy but you know what? He is the only consistent character, consistent in his twistedness but consistent! I can get on board with consistent and sadly, this left me liking Javier more than the other characters. This is a sad day, a very sad day. But liking Javier more than the other characters really isn't say a lot, but still.

So, Ellie is a con artist right? So why is she entirely unbelievable in the role? And why is Camden suddenly a man who loses it and blacks out while nearly killing people, sometimes with tattoo guns to the eyeballs and gut? (Ew.) And why did this book remind me more of a bad action movie than a tale of revenge, old and new love and finding yourself (amongst other themes I saw in Sins & Needles)?

I am hesitant to even read book three because even avid lovers of the series found disappointment. Apparently it goes from an action movie to a sappy love story quite quickly. I don't know if my barf bag (compliments of the sex scenes in these books that the urge) is up for that.