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Wrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts, #1.5)

Wrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts, #1.5) - Stacia Kane 1.5 stars

I'm probably one of the few people that enjoy the Downside Ghosts series but doesn't particularly care one way or another for Terrible. I enjoy that he makes Chess happy but beyond that I'm rather neutral on the guy. But what I am not neutral on? The headache-inducing Downside way of speaking. I can handle it in the other novels because it is told in Chess' POV, which is to say with proper English with random Downside thrown in. But this was ENTIRELY Terrible and Downside speech and it was grueling to get through.

There wasn't much added to the entire series, we really only got a look into Terrible's everyday life as an enforcer for Bump, which really did not interest me at all. There was too little Chess, FAR freakin' too much Downside talk and too little entertainment via the actual plot. I would recommend this if you LOVE Terrible and/or can tolerate the Downside speech aspect of the series.