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Cat in Ancient Egypt

Cat in Ancient Egypt - Jaromir Malek 2.5 stars

Cat in Ancient Egypt is an interesting book, allowing us a look into the history of cats in Egypt and rather the civilized world. Many questions remain unanswered, including when exactly cats were domesticated there, and it seems it would have been a bit helpful had the Ancient Egyptians been more specific regarding their cat art and mentions (and only one name for cat when dogs had numerous? Come on!). Overall I liked but didn't overly enjoy the work by Malek, I felt it was a bit heavy handed and needed a bit more focus.

I was appalled to learn that in the late 19th century approximately 180,000 cat mummies were sent to England and turned into fertilizer. FERTILIZER! WTF! I doubt people would be okaying such ventures with human bodies. *sigh*

I did enjoy the satirical artwork shown and discussed in the book as well as the "cheap" drawings that could have been done by anyone. Imagine a random scribbling of yours being discovered thousands of years from now...pretty cool.