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Akhenaten - Dorothy Porter I like poetry but it really depends on the style and what the author is trying to convey as to whether I will enjoy it. Considering my rating it is easy to guess that I did not like the author's style or what she conveyed. Granted Akhenaten was likely a megalomaniac, I mean he started a singular deity religion in Ancient Egypt of all places. And yes many royal families throughout history, including AE, had incest and twisted family lines. But holy shit the way in which Porter wrote it all was disturbing. I can only imagine the faces I was making throughout the poems, which were crude and disturbed. It wasn't just merely the sex with his daughters (*vomit*) that was detailed, it was also the scenes between Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Porter's choice of vulgar language on top of an already disturbed focal character of Akhenaten was simply over the top and turned me off entirely. And on top of all this I did not find the poetry itself to be anything but mediocre the majority of the time.