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My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers Book 2)

My Soul to Save - Rachel Vincent So it would appear that a series that had a very promising start in the prequel short story is utterly lacking. I really enjoyed the prequel story when I read it more than a year ago, but then the first book failed to impress me in any way. Unfortunately, book two failed on every level for me.

So it would appear that this series has no overall story arc. I never usually read summaries of books later in a series but since I disliked this one I decided to do so. Turns out every book is likely to end up like this one, which is to say will likely remain unread by me. You know what happens in series with no overall story arc? Nothing besides boredom if you ask me.

The relationship between Kaylee and Nash is not believable, especially as they appear to have only ONE thing in common: being bean sidhes. They appear to never discuss anything outside the realm of this or the current predicament they have put themselves into. On top of that, we have to endure reading about them essentially dry-humping, which I must say is fairly disturbing. Plus, Kaylee continually has doubts about Nash's feelings and I am sick and tired of girls in these series practically screaming "I'm not worthy". What kind of message is that for anyone of any age?

The storyline felt unoriginal and this plus the characters made the entire book simply tedious to read. I don't understand how a short story to begin the series could have been good only to have the series result in this. Did the same author write it? Did the publishers require her to weigh it down with a ridiculous and shallow relationship? Quite frankly I wish Kaylee was still in the mental institution, at least that was interesting.