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Mind If I Order the Cheeseburger?: And Other Questions People Ask Vegans

Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger?: And Other Questions People Ask Vegans - Sherry F. Colb First of all, Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger is not meant to entertain in any way, despite the misleading title. Yes, as a vegan you will be asked that question but I personally felt using it as the title of the book alluded to some sort of humor on the author's part. It did not. What you find within the pages of this book is a fairly thorough summary of why one would/should be vegan in the format of questions commonly aimed at vegans. As a long time vegan, I have heard it all and honestly? This book does not really help you answer those questions. Yes, there are ANSWERS but they are buried under so many analogies (poor ones), tangential information or stories and general verbosity that one forgets the question by the middle of the chapter. Had this really been aimed at answering the questions in a practical, real to life conversation way, it would be much more concise. The author should have put a brief, simple answer to each question put forth and then delved deeper as she did. Also, I felt her use of sources to be weak, especially regarding scientific data. The author needed to expound on the studies or results more than simply writing a sentence or two with no explanation. Are we NOT in fact trying to convince people via these studies?

As a no bullshit type of person, I largely found Colb's style of approaching non-vegans "kindly" annoying. Please approach non-vegans with caution as they are a skittery bunch liable to run away rather than listen to someone telling/showing them the brutal truth, whether they coddle or not. Overall, many of the questions put forth to vegans are not meant to actually gain information--it is called the internet, you can find all sorts of knowledge there! Crazy, I know. Instead the questions are simply there to mock or to exhibit the stupidity of some questioners (Seriously, where do you get your protein? Does no one know basic nutrition?).

Overall this book is directed at considering or new vegans, which is not surprising because after awhile you know how you answer these questions your own way or deal with non-vegans in general. While it does contain a great deal of information, I do think there are many more books on veganism that would be better and more inviting. This book is bogged down by analogies, verbosity and an overall feeling of being written for a college class.