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The Book Thief

The Book Thief - Trudy White, Markus Zusak The premise of the book sounded interesting, especially with Death narrating the book. However, the seemingly clever idea of Death narrating became old rather fast. There were a number of issues I had with this book, which include:

The characters were poorly developed.

The author felt the need to constantly use poetic language that often made no sense and only made him come off as a poor writer trying to compensate.

The narrator was annoying and left no room for suspense as future events were constantly given away.

The author seemed to be trying to pull at the heart strings frequently, however, he failed miserably. He simply did not convey the raw emotion that a character going through Nazi Germany would have.

A better choice for narrator would have been Liesel rather than Death.

The story simply did not flow, due to the interruptions by Death (which often added nothing to the story) and the writing style overall. I never really felt compelled to know what happened next.

Not that this is truly a complaint about the book itself, but I found the cover choice for this edition to be completely odd. Dominoes played nearly no part at all to the storyline that to recognize it for a cover is beyond me.

Overall, I think the premise of the book would have been better off in another author's hands. Perhaps the author should write poetry, he seems very content with his overuse of symbolism.