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Sex & Violence

Sex & Violence - Carrie Mesrobian 1.5 stars

It is difficult to rate this book as it was near impossible to actually like any of the characters. There were glimmers of hope for Evan's character but ultimately I failed to see much actual growth and definitely did not witness any moral growth. Yes, Evan eventually overcomes his PTSD and gains an attachment to a girl that is more than about sex, but honestly these revelations felt a bit unbelievable and rushed in the end. Overall, I felt sorry for the violence that occurred regarding Evan but ultimately I found it difficult to feel much more than that.

I will say that Mesrobian captured the male voice fairly well, I will not say wholly as I am not male myself. Although the male bonding and lingo shown in the book is fairly reminiscent of conversations and dealings I have overheard or witnessed of the opposite sex over the years. But it was not representative of every male, of course, nor was it pleasant to read. I grew quite frustrated with the flippant use of derogatory terms, namely against women and gays. Ultimately I do not know whether the author intended this abusive dialogue to be representative of her characters or if she actually thinks it is acceptable. Due to the hints of feminism I saw in the book at times I am giving the author a break, although there was nothing to counteract the use of the word "gay" to describe lame things and it added to my dislike of the book.