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Reality Boy

Reality Boy - A.S. King How anyone managed to make it through an entire book of this main character's vile and anger-ridden narcissism is beyond me. Gerald takes no blame for his behavior or personality, he blames it all on his past involving reality tv nanny shows. His nickname is Crapper and sadly it is fitting. I don't even know how many times him shitting on this or that was mentioned in the first third of the book (all I could manage). Honestly my patience with someone shitting on things ends at ONE, if that. And I'm pretty sure the seven year old going to the bathroom on his mother's shoes KNOWS WTF he is doing. Gerald did not become Gerald all on his own but it would have been nice to see him take some blame. But Gerald was just a vile character and I felt absolutely nothing but annoyance and disgust towards him. Unfortunately the story is told from his POV.

Aside from Gerald I found the writing just passable and the nanny accent was grating. The author kept writing it to show the dropping of the "r" to indicate she was mimicking a British accent but all I heard in my head was my fellow Northeast coasters talking.

If you like jackasses who are filled with anger and describe their bowel movements on different objects, this book just might be for you!