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Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror)

Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle I absolutely could not tolerate this installment of the Experiment in Terror series. I think that Halle's writing was the poorest I have seen it thus far in this one, although I may have just noticed it more due to the poor storyline. The main plot took entirely too long to get started and once it did I was left unimpressed. Yet again I was not convinced of the fright or frightened myself.

But the worst part of the book for me was the interaction between Perry and Dex. First of all, I am already sick of Perry's "love" for Dex as he has proven unworthy throughout the series. Perry could be a strong character but she is becoming more of an idiot the longer she loves and spends time with Dex. It appears she has absolutely no standards. (*spoiler* In fact she nearly sleeps with him while knowing his gf is likely pregnant. This is a shitty move on both their parts.) Overall Dex is just an absolute douche and I see no true redeeming characteristics on his part. Why exactly am I supposed to like him or even if I am not, how am I supposed to tolerate Perry's love for him? And don't even get me started on the strip club scene! WTF was THAT? Was that supposed to be sexy? I was left disturbed and honestly I wanted to stop reading right then. How is Dex supposed to be redeemable after this? His behavior the entire book was disgusting and I think he deserves a major ass kicking.

Also, the after school special style of putting forth that Perry should love herself yadda yadda was annoying. I appreciate the message but it was just so blandly executed. And I am tired of the whole "character is more beautiful than she believes" crap, how many times have I read that? Can't a character just BE what they are? Why do we have to keep pushing the idea that they are gorgeous without realizing it? Ugly duckling syndrome, I swear.

Overall, Dex is a pervert and a douche and Perry is an idiot. I have serious doubts about the trajectory of this series now.