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The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey Ugh. This book is atrocious, there are so very many things to criticize I don't think I will even bother going into detail. If you would like to know more, please refer to my fellow one-star reviewers who have done such an excellent job already. To quickly summarize, the book is poorly written, the main character is annoying and unlikable, the aliens are referred to as "Others" which so very original, the alien lore isn't new despite the first chapter making fun of current alien lore, the plot is terrible and the author does not write a convincing female viewpoint (OMG tampons, what if I run out of tampons?! There are only a handful of women around but what if I run out?! AAAAH! Keep in mind, there ARE alternatives to tampons but god forbid tampons somehow all disappear.)

So my fellow one-star reviewers can go into depth and give you quote examples of the poor writing and such but I will complain about the lack of care towards life in general in this book. A story must be genuinely good for me to overlook the crap this character, Cassie, kept saying about non-human animals and her speciesist attitude in general. I had difficulty believing she was supposed to be a decent being before everything happened because she is quite a despicable being after. I never warmed to her, despite great effort, after her first interaction with me as a reader labeled dogs as completely stupid and the dumbest human as brilliant comparatively. I see Yancey has not met enough human idiots and has not met enough smart dogs, otherwise he may want to change his crap statement. But that would be a stupid thing to dislike a character about so I persevered. Then Cassie shoots a rabbit just to PRACTICE her gun. Not because she is hungry or such, no, just to practice. Because after most humans disappear there is hardly anything to shoot at--I mean buildings, signs, windows, cans and everything else inanimate just gone apparently. And to make matters worse she has no remorse whatsoever. Then she wants to wring a chicken's "delicious neck" and would willingly shoot and butcher a cow if only she could cook it. She has access to food, but apparently she still wants to go on a murdering rampage to appease her taste buds. Sorry, such individuals are beyond my capability of liking whether in books or in life.