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Death, Doom, and Detention

Death, Doom and Detention - Darynda Jones It just figures that I pre-order book one and am disappointed, only to borrow number two from the library and enjoy it! I am happy to report that the rampant cliches and the everything minus the kitchen sink attitude was mellowed in book two. The humor that disappeared in the last half of book one was better mixed in book two and did not take a sudden disappearance. The plot of Death, Doom and Detention was also much more focused than its predecessor. The constant bickering between Jared and Cameron was minimized as well, which seemed to take place every five minutes in book one. Overall the characters and plot were more focused and the general neurotic feeling of the last half of book one was no longer. For these reasons I greatly enjoyed book two, although it did not reinvent the YA paranormal wheel. However, I do feel as though you could feel Jones' style of writing more in this one, although I cannot help but wish Jared was a bit more of a younger Reyes (although Jared is the Angel of Death so he isn't YOUNG at all, but you know...).

**Spoiler** My one question was why did it seem to take so long for Jared to succumb to the "dark" when his "light" was blocked by the brand? Yes his personality seemed a bit off but it was nothing like the Jared that caused all the destruction days later--why the delay?