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Two Boys Kissing

Two Boys Kissing - David Levithan I have both liked and greatly disliked Levithan's books and Two Boys Kissing unfortunately falls more on the negative end of the spectrum, although I didn't hate it. I support wholeheartedly the concept behind the book and the LGBT community in general. However, I was not a fan of the style in which Levithan chose to write it.

Two Boys Kissing is told from the point of view of a combination of an unknown number of deceased gay men, especially those who suffered through AIDS and an even harsher social environment than we have today (society still, however, sucks). This "chorus" of a narrator details a world record breaking kiss by two boys (my favorite storyline and characters actually), but also a number of other gay characters struggling with one issue or another.

Along with the heavy-handed narrator, there is the overall terribly saccharine and sentimental writing of the story itself. I am all for sentimental and serious issues but this was spread on so thick I could not wait to escape the cloying, sorrowful nature of the book. It was like a never ending speech on grabbing life by the horns but also how life can, well, suck. Unfortunately I appreciated the message but could not come to like the style.