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Jellicoe Road

Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta I did not even realize On the Jellicoe Road was getting to me until it firmly had its claws in me and I had misty eyes. Don't get me wrong, I was enjoying the book but I did not realize how much I had grown to love the characters contained within this book until that moment. It is a significant event when a book makes me teary eyed and for that I must give this book the full stars due. The characters of Taylor, Raffy, Jonah and Hannah (and the gang) all managed to make me care for them in a slow, creeping way.

The story is told with both Taylor's present-day point of view and via a story written by Hannah (woman who became close to her after she was abandoned by her mother) set about twenty years prior. For some time I liked the past story more but by the end I could not decide which I would choose. I had no difficulty in traversing the two time periods, plus Taylor's dreams. I thought all of those elements, placed in the way they were, really added to the story. I did, however, figure out the specific connections to the past and present fairly early on but it in no way interfered with my enjoyment.

I will keep this review brief as it is difficult to talk of the story without spoiling it. The story was definitely worth the read and I can envision myself reading it again. I truly came to like these characters and I think they'll be staying with me for some time.