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The Rising (Darkness Rising)

The Rising - Kelley Armstrong I really enjoyed the first book of this series and had high hopes that overall it would be a good series. But book two proved to contribute nothing to the series and showed that this series could have easily been just two books. After reading book three I think I would have liked Armstrong to have simply combined them all into one book, then maybe I would not have been so tediously bored.

Maya's voice was welcome in book one but something happened in book two and three: she became quite annoying. I began reading The Rising and was only about a chapter or two in and I already wanted to stop reading due to the way details are portrayed by Maya. There is a lot of telling and little showing, a lot of bland thoughts and such conveyed by Maya. Despite the action (which seems to be all books two and three are made of) it was anti-climatic and essentially dull.

The wrap up of the series felt like a cop-out. So Maya speaks for everyone else and has some mysterious meeting which we as the reader cannot participate and then everything is hunky dory? Really? *sigh*

I have serious doubts regarding reading more of Armstrong's YA books as they seem to result in disappointment. I will, however, continue to be a fan (hopefully) of her adult works.