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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith The story contained within The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight was not quite what I expected and it definitely added to my enjoyment. I found Hadley, the main character, very relatable, mature and real. The characters of Hadley and Oliver really came alive to me and I felt like I knew them by the end of the twenty-four hour period related in the book.

Hadley misses her plane by four minutes, a plane that is to take her to her father's wedding. Hadley's relationship with Oliver, the charming fellow at the airport, and her relationship with her father are the focus in the book. Hadley is coping with the fact that her parent's marriage is over and her father is marrying the woman who he left her mother for. I personally was never close to my father but the way in which Smith writes the relationship, in good times and bad, between father and daughter it gave me a glimpse into that world. While I'll never yearn for it, I now understand a bit better the inner-workings. I was surprised by how well Smith wrote about the situation, with realistic sudden moment realizations and breakdowns that are a part of life.

Oliver, the charming boy I mentioned before, is struggling with his own situation as well, although we are completely in the dark regarding it. His quick wit and sweetness makes you fall for him along with Hadley. I understood all of Hadley's thought processes and decisions in the book, finding it very easy that I could have been in her very situation. You cannot help but to see Oliver again yourself.

Smith's writing is inviting and effortless. She compressed into a mere few sentences some emotions that I've had myself but never had words for (such as that feeling when you momentarily forget about something that makes you anxious, how when it suddenly comes back it takes your breath). I borrowed this one from the library but have every intention on adding it to my collection.