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Omens: A Cainsville Novel (Omens and Shadows)

Omens - Kelley Armstrong As a general rule I will try anything Kelley Armstrong writes so I was rather excited when she started a new adult series. I did not know quite what direction the book would take but I was surprised that it was more of a straight contemporary mystery rather than the Armstrong-specialty of paranormal/UF. But I definitely enjoyed the world set up in Omens, but there is no doubt about it: Omens creates more questions than it ever answers and is essentially a warm-up book. But a good book nonetheless.

Olivia/Eden is a strong character coping with a new harsh reality. Her life is turned upside down and during this tumultuous time she encounters the enigma that is Gabriel Walsh. Olivia is well characterized but Gabriel has a hidden depth to him that Armstrong only hints at in this one. Gabriel seems to be the potential love interest in further books, but quite frankly right now he is a manipulative ass. But he is a lawyer.

I really loved the elements of superstition and Fair Folk included in the novel and I am really questioning what direction Armstrong is taking this. The elements are not strong or overpowering but they are ever-present, the mystery of the Larsens' (Olivia's biological parents) murder spree takes center stage. The side elements made the characters such as Gabriel's Aunt Rose and the mysterious Patrick all the more interesting. (Patrick, despite his young appearance, is treated more like an elder in Cainesville...this is interesting indeed.) And Cainesville itself I enjoyed, I look forward to unraveling that puzzle. (And I really like the gargoyles that seem to be everywhere.)

I really look forward to discovering what Armstrong plans to do with this series and how the mystery of the murders works within the fae/Druid/Celtic/superstitious elements. Not to mention the mind control elements. Yes, mind control....Armstrong decided to chuck the whole kitchen sink into this book but it worked.

Murder of crows...

One for bad news
Two for mirth
Three is a wedding
Four is a birth
Five is for riches
Six is a thief
Seven, a journey
Eight is for grief.

Poppies = death omen