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Fifth Grave Past the Light

Fifth Grave Past the Light - Darynda Jones 2.5 stars

*sigh* I have enjoyed the first four Charley books and was expecting to enjoy Fifth Grave as well, however, I was left dissatisfied. Unfortunately Fifth Grave felt formulaic with forced humor. There was no real character growth, especially when it comes to Reyes who desperately needs some decent characterization. Also, the slower than molasses build of the story arc is driving me a bit crazy for this series.

There were FAR too many storylines going on in this book and Jones really needed to concentrate on just a couple, perhaps maybe actually the main one? Crazy thought, I know. Jones spends entirely too much time on the side stories and this is in large part why the story arc has been entirely too slow to build. Also, do not be fooled by the summary, especially the entire paragraph dedicated to Gemma potentially being in danger. This takes up very little book time and is of no actual consequence (sorry if you view this as a spoiler but really once you read the book you will see it is not).

And...um...since when is Reyes domesticated? Reyes, son of Satan, a cook? Reyes asking ridiculous questions to Charley at the end of the book? ABSURD. I don't freakin buy it for a minute. I was eye-rolling all over the damn place! And in terms of Reyes I am growing tired of his temper tantrums and his lying which seems to serve no purpose. Aaaand random question: how the hell is Reyes so "good" in bed exactly? Did he learn while in Hell because he hasn't had much time in human form. BUT do NOT get me started about the freakin utensil sex. You heard me! The sex overall with Charley and Reyes grew tiresome, I much prefer their banter to the sex you find in many romance novels. Charley's whole reaction to Reyes was frustrating, she continually had questions but never asked them of Reyes. Why does no one ask questions when they are warranted?

The Garrett aspect felt convoluted and felt like it was trying to push its way into the story rather than flowing naturally. It was clearly Jones' attempt to grow her story arc but it didn't wow in anyway.

I'm also sick and tired of all the coffee jokes. I can ignore one or two but not one every few pages, especially as I HATE coffee and share no addiction to coffee with the character. Are the coffee jokes even that entertaining to coffee lovers? Maybe, I don't know. And why did Charley on multiple occasions have to bash herself for having a sexual thought? "I'm such a ho" and such comments were made a couple of times. Seriously Charley, stop it.

Overall Fifth Grave failed to satisfy and left me annoyed with the characters and the overall series. There is only so long you can watch people act like idiots before you expect them to get their shit together.