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Sanctum (Guards of the Shadowlands)

Sanctum - Sarah Fine "In front of the Gates stood massive creatures, like men but not men." -Page 12

Like men.....but not men. Oh boy, tell me more!

"The door slid shut, and her presence was forgotten, like a raindrop hitting the surface of the ocean." -Page 19

The simile itself is okay I suppose, not the greatest by any means, but I could live with. But there is nothing poetic, flowing or smooth about the writing quality so this simile felt jarring and entirely out of place.

I read far too much more of this novel before I called it quits, there are just far too many good books out there to focus on this one. The original book summary (I say original because the one there now is not nearly as enticing as the original) sounded really interesting and like a strong kick-ass type of paranormal. But what I got was a book relating to unexplained suicide with a lead character who is annoying and worst of all poor writing. Nothing about this book make me want to keep reading or to care about the characters so I'm off to read a book that may actually fulfill those wants.