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Six-Gun Snow White

Six-Gun Snow White - Catherynne M. Valente If there is one thing I can say for Valente, she certainly has a way with words. She weaves a phrase so well and sometimes in such a twisted way, that you have to reread the passage. And I imagine if I were to reread this novella I would see things I did not the first time. Therefore I'm sure each person who reads it will walk away with different nuances of the story in their heads.

Fairy tales have never been my cup of tea, especially those in the Disney vein, so I come to fairy tales retellings both apprehensive and hopeful. My hopefulness was not let down by Valente, who made Snow White a strong character without the need of a man coming to her rescue. In fact Charming in this novella is a horse! The seven "dwarves" were strong, take no shit women in a middle of nowhere town. I really loved the strength exhibited by women in this retelling, which puts Disney movies to shame.

Despite this being a novella based on Snow White, it is certainly not a YA retelling. It is a brutal wild west style retelling of Snow White having to grow up with an abusive stepmother and a nonexistent father. Snow White faces a number of trials and tribulations throughout her life and Valente doesn't tend to approach it shyly. Overall I really enjoyed Six-Gun Snow White and I wish all fairy tales could have such strength.