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Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 6)

Definitely Dead - Charlaine Harris I listened to the audiobook version of this book. Had I not done that I do not know how long it would have been before I continued in this series because Sookie was quite frankly getting on my nerves and Harris was doing nothing overly entertaining in the series after the first few I felt. However, the narrator, Joanna Parker, brought something more to the book that I would not gain from reading it alone. Had I read the book instead of listened I do not think it would have been 3 stars.

I do have one annoyance with the audiobook--Parker's rendition of male voices is disturbing to listen to, especially when Sookie is making out with said male. All of the women aside from Sookie tended to blend together sound wise as well. I often wonder why audiobooks cannot at least include a male reader for male parts?!?! But I am quite grateful that Parker does not do an over-the-top southern accent (as seen in the show TrueBlood...argh)--I would not have survived the audiobook in that case.

As for the book itself, Sookie is still annoying but more tolerable than the last book. The "problem" that comes up with Sookie and Bill's relationship of course sends Sookie over the edge. Why people in books (or even tv shows for that matter--or even in life) cannot simply ask questions and get to the BOTTOM of things is beyond me. Just because something began one way does not mean it continued that way or had any true bearing. Things like this make me want to pull my hair out!

Also, was it just me or was Quinn described more of like an ogre in the last book and now suddenly he is amazingly attractive? Maybe that was just me. One particular scene with Quinn and Sookie was annoying and disturbing (especially with the pseudo-male voice of Parker's)--just have sex already you nitwits.

Things happen in the first half of the book but nothing to write home about. I felt like there was a lot of editing opportunities that were not taken (it is certainly highlighted in audio form). The events summarized on the book itself do not even begin to happen until half way through, ridiculous.

I cannot say that I care much more about any of the characters than I did before, but at least while cleaning the house I can accomplish reading a series I own as well. Considering the decline in reviews later in the series things are NOT looking up. I really wonder why so many characters even care to involve themselves in Sookie's ridiculousness--perhaps it is the fairy thing.