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The Black Echo (Harry Bosch)

The Black Echo - Michael Connelly 2.5 stars

I greatly enjoy Connelly's writing, although I have largely read mostly non-Harry Bosch books. I am hoping that since this is the first in the series that this is the reason this one felt off to me. Harry Bosch I found to be largely dull and therefore the story rather boring. I kept hoping for Jack McEvoy-esque entertainment but it never came. The twist at the end was a nice addition, but after reading other Connelly's you rather expect it so it is lacking surprise. The story itself just did not pull me in and I was left wishing Bosch could solve the mystery a couple hundred pages sooner. Where is Jack McEvoy when you need him? I'm hoping Bosch is perhaps more lively in book 2, although I'm probably asking too much of a smoker.