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Under the Dome - Stephen King 1.5 stars

Under the Dome has an interesting premise but unfortunately it was a tedious read for me. I have not read a lot of Stephen King but I'm starting to think that I barely feel lukewarm regarding his writing. While SK draws you in and writes in a welcoming, at ease manner, I just cannot help but walk away disturbed and disappointed by this installment of his.

First of all, this small town clearly has a large psychopathic population based on everything that happens. I'm sorry but the Dome appearing would not make people within days murderers, rapists and power tripping megalomaniacs. A LOT of these people were clearly already very fucked up in the head, in a very classic twisted bad guy way. One of the things that made me dislike this book the most was the absolutely dreadful beings in this town and the unfortunate book time they had, which was not at all proportional to the good guy coverage (the good guys at least were not as "pure" of goodness, versus the absolute dreadfulness of the bad guys). Characters that ruined the book the most for me: James Rennie (a man of "god" who won't curse because of his religion but murder is no biggie), his son Junior Rennie (necrophiliac amongst many other things) and the gang rapists. Oh yes, this book had such great people.

The chaos and ease at which everything absolutely falls apart in the town after the dome comes down was rather jarring. I don't think terribly highly of humanity in general but I would like to think there would more rational thinking, more critical thinking, more patience and for fuck's sake, more than a few days before people start offing everyone and gang raping others and generally having massive power trips. Holy shit was this book one power trip after another and it was painful to read.

And considering the aggravation I had to endure throughout the novel with the murdering and raping and general abuse of women especially in this novel, I wanted to have a decent ending. I mean, I deserved a good ending after more than a 1,000 pages of these fuckers right? Well, I didn't get it. Of the number of possibilities discussed earlier in the book with my BR partner, the one I wanted the least turned out to be the ending. In short the ending was a total cop out, 100 percent a load of crap. We didn't get any real detail or comprehensive wrap up. Essentially what we got was the "kids with a magnifying glass burning ants" or bullying message. After more than 1,000 pages I get an anti-bullying message tapped onto the end of this novel that contained brutal murder, rape, harassment and whatever else you can name? I mean the bad guys, in my opinion, didn't even get a full payback! And yes, of course the solution to the Dome is to just beg the alien children to stop picking on them like ants....really SK?

Brutal murders, gang rape, sexism, harassment, extreme crude behavior, lots of drugs, religion and a terrible ending. Not only is this a list of what you will find in Under the Dome, but also some of the things that anger me the most.