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Pivot Point - Kasie West 4.5 stars

Pivot Point was not what I expected and that was a good thing as I did not expect it to be good. In Pivot Point Kasie West managed to mix genres in such a way that it comes off practical and real to life even though many of the characters have superhuman mental abilities. But somehow the novel feels contemporary and "normal".

Our main character, Addie, is a searcher and this means when a decision comes her way she is able to "search" the future to see where the two paths of the decision will lead. The decision facing Addie in this novel is her parents are divorcing and she must decide whether she will stay with her mother in the compound, a town which is special to the superhuman individuals, or go live with her father who is moving to a town with "normals" (aka us boring people). The novel spends almost its entirety going back and forth between these two options for a time period of 6 weeks, but what is only mere moments for Addie overall as she searches.

The two paths have similarities, which are nicely weaved into each side of the story, but they have strikingly different outcomes. Addie must decide which is the best of two terrible options. Honestly I did not know how she was ever going to decide until things started becoming really clear about two-thirds in. Even with the outcomes, the decision is not a terribly easy one and your heart breaks a bit for Addie having to decide between two people she loves.

Not only did the story have an interesting premise, a well-incorporated sci-fi element, smooth writing and a great lead character, the book was also funny in many parts. The seriousness is balanced well with the humor. The dialogue between characters was a highlight of this novel and I found I did not want to put it down.

Overall Pivot Point is entertaining, well-written and made sci-fi feel effortless in its normalcy. I really look forward to book two!