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Slide - Jill Hathaway Slide is a mix between contemporary and paranormal fiction. Vee can "slide" into other people by touching emotionally charged items of theirs. But then one night she slides into a killer would has left a classmate of Vee's dead by a claimed suicide. But Vee knows it is not suicide and attempts to figure out what exactly is happening, especially as the town starts to come apart at the seams.

I thought Vee was a great character. She handles her ability well and makes tough choices regarding how to use it. She is a mature teenager but not an unlikely one. The relationships Hathaway wrote in the book were well-formed and realistic. I rather felt that the "slide" aspect of the storyline often interfered with the real strength of the novel, the relationships and/or contemporary fiction aspect. I feel had Hathaway focused more on the paranormal or contemporary aspect it would have made for a stronger novel. But due to Hathaway's ability to write relationships I think future books will likely be stronger. One of my minor complaints when it comes to the relationships is that I would have liked to have seen more closure when it came to the relationship with Rollins near the end. Hathaway rather left us to fill in the blanks, which works well but I wish there had been a couple more pages.

Another aspect that annoyed me somewhat is that the slide ability is never understood--not by us and not by Vee. This weakened the paranormal aspect, which I felt could have been bolstered by more sci-fi information and intrigue.

Overall an entertaining novel that simply lacked a bit of genre focus.