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The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West The rich boy and poor girl trope is a popular one, especially in 80s movies right off the top of my head. So anyone venturing into this arena is not reinventing the wheel but it can still be done well even if it has been done before. And in the case of The Distance Between Us, I felt as though Kasie West successfully used the trope to create a sweet romance perfect for a summer read.

Caymen is an enjoyable lead character, especially due to her superiority regarding sarcasm--my favorite. So immediately I was on board with Caymen due to her humor and thankfully it continued throughout the novel. The author characterized Caymen well and I felt as though she was well understood rather early on. Xander, the rich love interest, begins as your typical rich boy but also grows as a character, although we see everyone essentially through Caymen's eyes so the strongest character remained Caymen. You are certain there is probably a HEA in their future, but we don't quite know how the pieces are going to fit together with the Caymen and Xander situation.

Overall I felt as though the novel was driven by the character of Caymen who made dialogue between characters all the more enjoyable. While aspects of the book may be "cheesy" or even cliche due to the trope being used many times before, I just could not help but smile and laugh throughout the book. I really enjoyed the characters and can honestly say I would have gladly read more in their world. I think Kasie West is an enjoyable author and her humor really shines through in each book she does, contemporary romance or paranormal. I will gladly read whatever she puts out next (Pivot Point sequel!).