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Red Fox - Karina Halle Red Fox was an enjoyable follow-up to Darkhouse but I cannot say it was a step-up from book one, hence the same rating for both. I liked the storyline, skinwalkers and general discomforting things ongoing in the desert, but I found the perpetrators behind the acts extremely easy to figure out. And again, I did not find the book frightening in any way, perhaps I am more immune than others or perhaps it was simply not written in a fully disturbing way, hard to fully say. Perry was entertaining in this installment, although I found her a bit less humorous than book one, likely due to her being in seemingly constant danger. Then there is Dex, who I cannot figure out. One moment he seems charismatic and likeable and the next he is a complete ass. I think Perry should be more put off by Dex's episodes, outbursts and general unreliable nature. I'm a bit disturbed by the direction ("loving" him) Perry has gone with Dex, a direction that I hope Halle backs up with a worthy Dex in the coming installments.

Overall Red Fox was a good book, but not terribly memorable. It contained a number of editing errors (such as crossed out words that should have been removed) and a plot which while interesting, was easy to figure out. I will continue in the series and hope that we gain a greater understanding of Dex, otherwise the series may not improve.