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Another Little Piece

Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn The summary of this book is really enticing and the fact that this horror novel is compared to Stephen King is a pretty bold move. Quinn's writing is inviting and entertaining and had there not been other significant issues with the book, I would have rated it highly based on her writing ability. However, I do not agree with the comparison to Stephen King. I may not be SK's biggest fan but I do enjoy his writing and know his style, and this is not it. Had this been more in line with an SK novel I certainly would have been more horrified and less confused.

Annaliese, our main character, is not a reliable narrator and between that and the flashbacks you can certainly get confused easily in this novel. Luckily I was able to go along for the ride for the first half of the novel since I was hopeful that we would gain some answers by the ending. The list of characters in this novel does not inspire any happiness or pleasant feelings, pretty much all of them are screwed up in one way or another. There is also quite a bit of heart cutting out and heart eating in the novel, which for me came off more weird and nonsensical than creepy/horrifying.

In addition, the reason hearts are cut out and eaten is due to the fact that individuals are making deals of either lust/love or revenge. The main issues in the novel arise from girls wanting guys to fall for them, only to then die in exchange. Honestly this is not an uncommon theme in the long run but it is surely a ridiculous reason to forfeit your life. I had difficulty getting on board with this shallow theme.

And then we have the issue of what exactly Annaliese is. She gets hungry when she looks at people sometimes, she steals people's bodies, she eats hearts and she tastes death all the time so she has to pop mouthwash papers constantly. Sound crazy? Yes and unfortunately we never get concrete answers in the end and that is one of my greatest issues with the novel. If the author invented an entirely new paranormal creature, great, but why leave us completely in the dark and not even name these beings?

Adding up all these issues and the fact that the first half of the novel was more entertaining than the latter half and the romance was tedious, I just did not find the novel worth more than 2 stars.