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Game: The Sequel to "I Hunt Killers"

Game - Barry Lyga I enjoyed I Hunt Killers and felt it had a bit of a YA Michael Connelly feel. However, Game is a total disappointment. Jazz, the main character, has regressed incredibly in my opinion since book one. His constant worries about having sex with Connie unleashing his inner killer were really exhausting to read. It seemed as though there was a "I'm so horny but I can't have sex" scene in every chapter. Ugh, I don't care Jazz....if you are that worried that sex with unhinge you maybe you are a freakin' psycho afterall. And seriously, Connie, how the hell can you be with someone who is that obsessed with such an idea? I only got through half of this novel but I hear Connie becomes a complete idiot so I guess I shouldn't be surprised with her being with Jazz to begin with.

In addition to the sex crap we also have a lot of fatherly "advice" and comments via italics throughout the book, much like the first book. Guess what? Jazz was supposed to be growing as a character and that would hint towards limiting his father's impact on his psyche would it not? Can we wean him a bit please?

Also, there is just far too much of everything CSI/cop show thrown at us in this one. It makes it lack believability and for me, readability. How exactly is Jazz coming across these things that real life CSI people should have? If CSI experts miss these clues I have serious concerns regarding crime solving in this country. I'm sorry, but Jazz would 1) not be finding these clues because they would not have been missed in the first place 2) would not have been brought in by the NYPD (the NYPD, ha! right they totally need Jazz's help) and 3) should have killed someone by now based on his psychosis which involves his father's constant thoughts in his head.

Why the hell was this book so long? I got through half and nearly nothing happened. There was a lot of bemoaning, regressing and nonsense but nothing with real substance. I hear there are a lot of cliffhangers at the end of this one too but guess what? I could not care less, especially since I have even more cliffhangers technically as I never even finished this one. I will not be reading book 3 because that would mean I'd have to finish this one. No thanks.