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Angelfire - Courtney Allison Moulton In the beginning of Angelfire I felt the story had potential. The death of a teacher was a good start to the book and I continued reading expecting to enjoy the book overall. Unfortunately, in the end I just could not rate the book very highly.

The plot, or lack thereof, was tedious and long-winded and I felt the book could have been considerably shorter. The wealth in the book is extremely annoying, although I could look past it. However, why the needed to name drop brands like Marc Jacobs, Dolce&Gabbana and BMW? Why the need to even say what type of vehicle someone is driving? How does this add to the plot, may I ask? And why the hell are these kids getting brand new $30,000 vehicles anyway?

But one of the weakest elements of the book for me was the heroine, Ellie. Ellie is supposed to essentially save the world, or at least "souls" and/or lives. But she just acts like a spoiled little rich girl who puts her social life at the highest priority. Oh, souls are being taken to hell? But I wanna go to movie night!!! Ugh, seriously, this is who is supposed to save the world?!? On top of that, Moulton took an easy way out by having her miraculously remember how to fight etc. when needed rather than, oh I don't know, making her actually grow and progress as a character? Oh and don't even get me started on the Halloween night when Ellie dresses like a slutty nurse. WTF? The feminist in me is screaming. And what exactly is the point of all these social events, other than to illuminate Ellie's lack of priority and maturity? Oh yeah, random places to have the bad guys attack you. Right.

Will, Ellie's guardian, is also another issue for me. I simply wish he had been more than just a brooding male love interest. He lacked anything that made him special, without him I think the plot would have been pretty similar and considering his supposed role that is not a good sign. Also, I grew extremely tired of his long-winded monologue answers to Ellie's questions. Why couldn't this information be included naturally rather than info-dumping? And the entire relationship between Will and Ellie is annoying, it progresses absurdly slowly considering the supposed background and then there is all the drama about Will not being allowed to "touch" Ellie. I seriously hate those freakin' kinds of story lines! BS!

There was also way too many fight scenes and I became bored. I'm not much into action scenes in books, I prefer character building and intrigue/mystery. Fight scenes can be well done but here there was just too many. I also never really felt any fear for the characters and was just wondering when the scene would end.

The final thing that bothered me was the religious element. It became heavier handed as the book moved along and it became more difficult to ignore. Yes its the whole heaven and hell story but must we keep blathering about god and such? I understand the background, no need to harp on it.

Overall I expected more from Angelfire but walked away annoyed. Overall the book could have been a lot more if in a more experienced author's hand. Simply making the main character less self-absorbed probably would be half the battle.