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Love and Other Perishable Items - Laura Buzo 3.5 stars

Love and Other Perishable Items was a very sweet, sometimes humorous, account of one's first love. Amelia's first love happens to be an unrequited obsession with her older co-worker Chris. Amelia is sweet, a bit naive, a burgeoning feminist and also rather funny (even if she doesn't mean to be). Amelia reminded me quite a bit of Ruby Oliver from E. Lockhart's series of the same name. Your root for Amelia's happiness, despite perhaps her love going to the wrong guy (which could be argued).

The story is told in both Amelia's and Chris' perspective, Amelia in real-time and Chris journal style. Chris through Amelia's eyes is witty and worthy of crushing, however, I felt Chris in his own words was not by any means spectacular. Chris is a floundering young male who drinks too much, in many ways less mature than the six-years younger Amelia. The part of the book in which Chris embarrasses Amelia for kissing another guy I felt was rather low and hurtful, as was another spoilery moment at a party. These instances made it difficult for me to continue seeing Chris through Amelia's eyes.

The ending was not terribly satisfying, it is open-ended and you do feel as though the obsession will continue. However, you do wonder if in a few years the two won't get together (perhaps another novel?). I do recommend the book for any Ruby Oliver fans, although I do believe Love and Other Perishable Items would have been a stronger novel had it been told entirely from Amelia's perspective.