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Anatomy of a Boyfriend

Anatomy of a Boyfriend - Daria Snadowsky Holy crap this book is bad. I expected something interesting at least since there appears to be some sort of controversy regarding the sex in the book. First off, yes there is sex and yes it comes across somewhat life-like but in a very clinical way. Honestly I can see why a parent might be concerned about the material but 1) teenagers have sex, it really is true and 2) I think some teenagers might actually NOT want to have sex after this travesty.

The characters are terrible, not well characterized AND the main character is just tediously annoying. If you thought Bella's whining about Edward was bad in Twilight, you haven't met this girl. Then there are the pretty clear cracks against vegetarianism and veganism, which I cannot tolerate as a vegan (it really is nothing to laugh about).

Honestly the writing was mediocre, the characters were terrible and the entire story was eye-roll worthy and just grating on the nerves. I would not recommend this to anyone and that has nothing to do with the sex involved.