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Ninth Key (The Mediator, Book 2)

Ninth Key - Meg Cabot Ninth Key, in my opinion, was not as entertaining as the first installment of this series. Suze came off rather annoying to me in this installment and her need to talk about what she was wearing made me want to stop reading. I really do not need to know what kind of flippin' bag you are using, who really cares? Also, Suze's oscillation between having her wits about her and being a complete idiot was hard to tolerate. The most interesting characters, namely Doc, were lacking in this novel and the other characters failed to impress. A lot of rehashing of book one, a little bit of a ridiculously easy mystery to solve and a lot of Suze yapping away about this boy or this outfit....oh my poor eye rolling eyes. BUT despite this frustration, I will give the series another chance since the books are extremely quick reads and Suze and the gang can be entertaining.