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Odd and the Frost Giants (World Book Day edition)

Odd and the Frost Giants - Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham Odd and the Frost Giants is a cute story and one that I would surely have loved when I was a child. The inclusion of Norse mythology, including Loki who is always fun, was great I thought. Having such a likeable main character in Odd was a good choice and made the story move rather smoothly. I only had a couple of issues with the story and that was the ineptitude of the gods (GODS! and they need a little boy to help them!) and the fact that the frost giant was so damn easily fooled. I realize that without the gods' ineptitude there would not have been a story with Odd, but it was aggravating nonetheless...I mean, they're GODS. And as for the frost giant, I don't know if they were just supposed to be completely stupid or not but the one that featured in the story was easily fooled. Considering he or they were able to so easily fool Loki, I would think the frost giant in the story would have been wiser. (Granted, Loki does seem like the type to be distracted by a beautiful woman.) But overall a cute story that inspires me to read more Norse related novels.