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Steel's Edge (The Edge, Book 4)

Steel's Edge -  Ilona Andrews 4.5 stars

The Edge is one of more interesting series available and I am sad to see it end. While this was not my favorite of the series (that still remains On The Edge), this was definitely an entertaining and well-written installment.

The book begins with Charlotte discovering that she is barren after months of trying to reproduce. Honestly this scared me, I thought we may be in for a woe is me "I want children so bad" lead character. This would have completely ruined the book for me as I absolutely cannot understand such a mindset. But I should have had more faith in Andrews as she did not let me down. Charlotte grew immensely as a character once faced with the devastation brought by the slavers. Her healing abilities were immense and her use of them for evil was written very well (pretty awesome really).

The interactions between Richard and Charlotte were strong and I liked how she was able to match him in tough moments. Richard was also written well and realistically. I loved the relationship between him and his brother Kaldar, those scenes were highly entertaining as Kaldar has to grasp a "fun" Richard.

Unlike many authors Andrews manages to write young characters that are not irritating. George and Jack really added to the novel, as did Sophie (Lark from a previous novel, previously taken by the slavers).

Overall I really enjoyed the novel, although it did not feel like a conclusion to the series necessarily. Loose ends still exist and honestly I would love to see more of the Edge. I hope Andrews decides to give George or Jack (or the duo) their own book as I think they could definitely carry it off.