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Darkhouse - Karina Halle 3.5 stars

Darkhouse is an entertaining beginning to a series with a lot of potential. Our main character, Perry, is tough, funny and not your all too typical female lead--she isn't absolutely gorgeous or super thin *gasp*. I absolutely loved Perry's banter with characters, especially Dex. Dex has his own brand of humor as well, although he is a bit off center and I think this adds to his allure. Dex may actually have a bit of a mental issue (literally) but I don't know how Halle plans to work with this. Dex has a lot of potential as a character and a love interest (it is bound to happen).

The ghost/horror aspect of the book was interesting but I did not find it terribly frightening or creepy. I'm not one to read horrors typically and I avoid horror movies so I'm not necessarily complaining but it is touted as being scary. Although honestly I do find visual horror much more disturbing than the written word so I won't hold it against the author if I never get creeped out.

Darkhouse was an entertaining beginning to a series and I really liked Perry. Hopefully the witty banter will continue in further installments! There were a few lulls and questionable decisions by characters which appear to be otherwise intelligent so I could not give it a solid 4 stars. However, the X-File mix, the witty and abnormal characters and the potential of the series will keep me reading for sure.