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Rules of Civility: A Novel

Rules of Civility: A Novel - Amor Towles Very quickly while reading this book I determined that I did not like the author's style of writing. Descriptions and even formatting felt clunky and irritating. The characters are rather unlikable for me, I for some reason cannot get behind someone who wastes what is left of their money on drinking. Call me crazy. Our main character, Katey Kontent, is simply ridiculous. First of all, the author couldn't have done a better job with the name? Is this one of those blatant symbolism inclusions? Ugh, I HATE those. But in addition to this, Katey never felt realistic to me at all and then I came to find out that Amor is a man. No wonder the female lead character isn't realistic or believable. Why did the author choose to speak for a female character when he clearly is not capable? I had no idea this book was compared to The Great Gatsby, had I known this I would have stayed far, far away. I did not like Gatsby and I certainly did not like this one.