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The Calling (Darkness Rising)

The Calling - Kelley Armstrong 1.5 stars

The Calling was an utter disappointment and unnecessary book in the Darkness Rising series. Clearly this series could have been accomplished easily in two books, not three, and this is quite frustrating as a reader who has to get through the tedious book two. This is possibly my least favorite Armstrong book to date, and I have read a LOT of them.

First of all this book is action, action and more action. There is no character building, very little realizations, no real intrigue honestly, no BULK. The characters were running and hiding and running and hiding and I was bored and tired. Their conversations even seemed unnecessary much of the time and it took far too long for them to ever get to the point of the conservation or scene. Maybe the book was just too terribly predictable that I could not bear to hear these supposedly intelligent characters take page after page to figure it out!


Are we actually supposed to believe Rafe is ever dead? I for one never believed and knew when the reunion would happen. Then the betrayal on top of it? Seriously? Armstrong was full of movie/tv cliches in this one wasn't she? Add to that the freakin' mind numbingly ridiculous scene where a woman goes on and ON believing that the kids are pulling an elaborate prank (for pages people!) and will not allow them to use a phone because of it. WHAT?! Even if it were a prank what the hell kind of bother would using a phone cause? Then there is the "nice" guy who wants to help them but conveniently lost his cell phone. Are you kidding me?

**End of spoilers**

Ugh, truly this book offers very little to the series and what it does could have easily been put into one of the other two books. I found this to be a tedious, dull read. I don't read a book to get a ridiculous action movie going in my head, otherwise I'd bore myself with an actual movie.