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Days of Blood & Starlight

Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor I absolutely loved this book, I would give it ten stars if I could! There is absolutely no way I could do justice to this book by reviewing it, I have been attempting to for days now. But I will say this, if this book could be described with one word it would be BLEAK. This book is definitely not for the faint of heart, there is very little happiness in this book but I would absolutely not change a thing. Taylor is clearly taking us on a fascinating, amazing journey and I agree with the trajectory. The first book of the series was beautiful and more romantic and tame, but Days of Blood & Starlight sinks you to the bottom of the barrel of emotions until you feel torn apart for Karou and Akiva. No, this is definitely not a romantic book but the origin of the events are certainly firmly found in romance, that of Karou/Madrigal and Akiva. There are, however, a few happy and funny moments to be found thanks to Zuze and Mik. But the core of the story is Karou's struggle with her new found position with the Chimera. The things which Karou has to endure, be party to and overall witness are heart wrenching. I truly was uncertain how Taylor was going to end the book, which I always love. While the ending is technically a cliffhanger it also gives us hope for the third installment.

Upon finishing the novel I truly had to resist starting once again, what greater endorsement can a book have? Why must I wait until APRIL 2014?!?!? Ah!!!