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Wild Awake

Wild Awake - Hilary T. Smith This book is terrible. It is filled with so many things that I as an individual absolutely disagree with that I could not finish it. I also feel as though no impressionable teenagers should read this, hell no impressionable person in general should. It started with numerous pot smoking scenes (down to talking about the lingo of smoking the crap) and escalated from there. Kiri is, quite simply, an idiot. She goes into unsafe neighborhoods by herself at night, she accompanies complete strangers, she falls into a spiral after learning of how her sister died despite it being many years before and so forth and so on. And yes, Kiri's downward spiral includes drugs and more idiotic behavior. Why the hell would I want to read that and why is this book being touted as the "messy glory of being alive"? Are you kidding me? THIS is the glory of being alive? No, trust me it is just a freakin' MESS.