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What's Left of Me: The Hybrid Chronicles, Book One

What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang What's Left of Me has an original premise as far as dystopians go, but the worldbuilding did not rise to meet it. The beginning of the novel is decent, especially considering I kept assuming we would eventually learn about the world....which we don't. The characters are interesting, although I was never attached to any of them, including the narrator Eva (one of the two souls inhabiting the body, the other being Addie). The first half of the novel is much more interesting than the latter half. Once an individual is taken by the government on sketchy terms it simply becomes a tedious evil scientist "we must escape from this situation" environment. This sounds compelling but it was less entertaining than the buildup.

The worldbuilding, what can I say about the worldbuilding? Lackluster indeed. First of all, how/why are two souls in one body in this world? How is that beneficial on an evolutionary level? Did humans always have two souls when born in this world? See, part of the problem is this dystopian world is pretty much present day America, with so much the same except for the two souls issue. The author even goes as far as to morph American wars into anti-hybrid wars. Also, the author absolutely fails to convey why hybrids are considered so VERY dangerous. So the two souls could battle for control and be erratic, fine. But how does it make every hybrid a terror subject and therefore subjected to persecution and lab torture???

I wanted to like What's Left of Me but it simply failed to impress.