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Arclight - Josin L. McQuein Arclight had a good amount of potential, although I would not say the premise is terribly new. There are plenty of dystopians out there that have the "good" guy versus "bad" non-human guys who like to kill/attack. However, McQuein's nanites concept that is slowly unveiled in Arclight was interesting, definitely more interesting that the characters turned out to be.

Our main character Marina started off appearing as if she had potential to be a strong female character but she quickly showed herself as dull, one-dimensional and a wee bit slow in figuring things out. The twist involving her character is pretty easy to figure out which adds to the overall lack of reading anxiety. By this I mean that the action and fate of characters never affected me as a reader, I was in essence bored and unattached.

I felt as though the "relationship" between Tobin and Marina was unnecessary and forced and subsequently only caused yet another love triangle. Honestly the author never made never feel any true attachment to either "love" interest, especially since Marina herself did not seem attached to anyone either, aside from perhaps herself.

Overall Arclight simply did not pull me in as a reader and left me unsatisfied.