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Sex on Earth: A Celebration of Animal Reproduction
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Reboot - Amy Tintera Reboot features individuals who rise from the dead, or reboot. Adults do not handle this process well but teenagers and children do, these individuals are then used to essentially fight "crime" in this world, collecting humans and other reboots that break the laws. The number they are given is the number of minutes that it took for them to rise again. Wren is number 178, which means she is farther from human than those with numbers under 60. She lacks emotion, she is a killing machine and everyone fears her. But you come to find throughout the novel that this is not entirely true, especially when a pathetic recruit number of 22, Callum, comes along. The character of Wren is well-drawn and interesting and I enjoyed her depth. I thought the world was interesting and certainly not your run of the mill zombie novel. The action sequences were not dull or lengthy, just how I like them. There is a bit of a cliffhanger but also a feeling of completion at the end of this one that I liked. I look forward to reading book two!