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Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins Anna and the French Kiss is a well-written YA romance with great fully-realized characters. The main character of Anna is likable and in my opinion very realistic. From the feelings/thoughts Anna has in certain situations, to her struggles with the French language, to her neat-freak qualities, they all felt wholly authentic to me. I imagine my 17 year old self would have had quite a similar reaction to being forced to go to Paris and leave everything behind. The love interest, St. Clair, is charming and lovable and it is easy to understand why Anna would fall for this person. A french-speaking, English-accented American boy who is entertaining and kind? No brainer. I'm sure some people took issue with the fact that St. Clair was still involved with another girl but I never had any doubt that that relationship was over without it being official. Yes it was not handled well but he was an 18 year old kid, even men twice his age are still confused about relationships.

Overall I felt the setting was incredible, I wanted to take a flight to Paris immediately upon finishing. The other characters in the book were well-developed and overall the drama and relationships progressed at what felt like a natural pace. Anna and the French Kiss is a sweet escape.