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Urban Shaman (The Walker Papers, Book 1)

Urban Shaman (The Walker Papers, Book 1) - C.E. Murphy Urban Shaman began well, with an interesting humorous character and an intriguing situation right off the bat. A side character, Gary, is also introduced early and he is often a humor and bright spot in the book. However, the beginning was better than the rest of the book and I found myself a bit bored. I felt as though there was often too much going on with too little explanation. The main character comes into shamanic powers and is suddenly quite capable with them with very little learning curve or even explanation of how. Then there is the problem with when the character is actually using the powers--the use of power and action scenes were all a bit sketchy and unclear. The mixture of types of gods and magic was all over the place. However, "god" in general was mentioned a bit too often for me to take anything very seriously. How exactly does a Celtic god mix in with your classic modern day god anyway? All in all the mixture of elements and belief systems made me want to just be done with the book. Also, at one point the main character sends an email to someone who responds with "your" when it should be "you're", such as "your going to die" (which was what the email said, and used "your" wrong multiple times). It was never clear if the person sending the email was supposed to be an idiot or if this was a writing/editing problem of the actual book. Either way I found it rather off-putting as one of my grammatical pet peeves. Overall the book was inconsistent and nothing to write home about. I will likely not continue in the series.