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The Lost Girl

The Lost Girl - Sangu Mandanna I liked The Lost Girl, but I did not love it. I felt as though the story deals with the topic of autonomy rather well and depicts it sincerely through the character of Eva. Eva is a believable character I felt, albeit a bit flat at times. I enjoyed her struggles to deal with being an echo and the inability to be her own true self. But eventually her character felt monotonous, and it did not help that she was going to school and going to the mall and other similarly dull situations for a chunk of the middle of the book. Her behavior also becomes predictable and this rather dulled my enjoyment.

Side note: If you are going to make a good part of the story take place in India, why waste it in school and malls? Nothing screamed India, I would have liked more culture.

The romances in this novel were much less interesting to me than the conflict of being an echo versus being an autonomous person. I grew tired of the Ray drama and I never believed Sean was really lost forever to Eva. The ending was rather unsatisfying, the action sequences did not feel believable and I never really feared for Eva's safety. I wish the lead up from the rest of the novel had resulted in a more interesting ending, a more impactful twist.

Overall the novel is interesting and thought provoking regarding autonomy. I did like the character of Eva overall, albeit I found her more interesting in the beginning. The novel dragged in parts and the ending was not overly impactful, but I would say the novel is enjoyable overall.