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These Things Hidden - Heather Gudenkauf This book is simply terrible. The characters are flat, the plot/premise is like a Lifetime movie in the worst possible way and the story is rather far-fetched. The premise of the book is that our main character became pregnant, with TWINS, and does not know about it until she is 7 months pregnant. Seriously? Then she delivers at home and puts one baby in the river and the other is given to the out-of-the-picture father. She goes to jail for infanticide because the baby placed in the river was apparently alive when she did it. First of all, why the hell should a woman go to jail for this? Infanticide is not a criminal act, if anything it is a psychological issue. And the main character certainly should not be treated as the worst filth on the planet for what she did considering what other criminals do to end up in jail. You would have thought she was a mass murderer, but no, a mass murderer was apparently many steps up from our main character. You've got to be kidding me.

Overall the writing was poor, the story was ridiculous and I just could not bring myself to care about any of the extreme drama going on. The story might tug on someone's heart strings if they were into raising children/having children etc., but the bad writing absolutely cannot be overlooked. I understand the author was trying make a point about babies being able to be left at firefighter stations etc., but I'm pretty sure this rarely happens overall and plus the drama that occurred in this book I would desperately hope would not happen either. Just ridiculous, the book was simply ridiculous. I wish the summary of the book had been more clear that it revolved around reproductive drama (both the having and not being able to have), I would have stayed away.