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Dime Store Magic (Women of the Otherworld)

Dime Store Magic (Women of the Otherwold, #3) - Kelley Armstrong I was a little leery going into the third book of the Otherworld series since I loved the character of Elena and the werewolves from book 1 and 2 so much. However, I surprisingly grew to like both Paige (the narrator, a witch) and Savannah (talented witch teenager) in this novel. Lucas (sorcerer), while the manner in which he spoke could have been seen as annoying by some, sounded very much like a lawyer. Plus, at the beginning he was trying to be even more lawyerly to convince Paige to let him help, so I easily accepted his style. His role in the book was welcomed, as he did bring calm to many of the situations. Plus, I look forward to the interactions of Paige and Lucas in future books.

As for Paige, I thought she handled the growing chaos in her life well, especially since her mother passed less than a year before and she was still heartbroken. She was just 23, caring for a thirteen-year-old girl. Sure that may sound easy to some people but Paige was an only child, aka not used to siblings or parenting. Then on top of that Savannah is a highly gifted witch who surpasses Paige in probably all categories of witch knowledge. I felt the way in which Savannah acted, especially as a gifted child/teenager, was rather authentic. Savannah was not a normal child or even a normal witch, that should be taken into consideration. I truly do not understand the harsh reaction to either Paige or Savannah in the reviews. I thought both characters were likeable and realistic. And this is coming from a person who wants nothing to do with child rearing!

Overall, the story moved along well and was entertaining. I know that these novels are said to be able to be read in any order you desire, but I especially recommend reading Stolen prior to this novel. Stolen certainly helps set up the world in which these characters live even further than this novel. Also, I generally do not care for "magic" but Armstrong makes it much more interesting than other authors I have read. It made me want to get my very own grimoire! ;)